In business, all things in I.T. are tools.  When you have a small business, the tools are especially vital.


If you think your tech needs are not up to your business needs, contact Jim for a free initial consultation. 


Let's get to know your business, and how I.T. tools can support it with our AREA --  ACCURACY, RELIABILITY, EASE, and AFFORDABILITY.


If your operation isn't properly supported by your network, hardware, or software, or there are some key gaps that need to be filled, let's get you to a smoother, more efficient and effective manner. 


Your customers and staff rely on accurate information to run smoothly.  Accurate orders lead to accurate billing, no matter how many exceptions and special deals you may offer.


If you have items that need to be tracked or counted, there are affordable tools, using everyday smart phones, that can scan barcodes with lightning speed.  Set-up and training are available.


If there's a software issue you can't get past, or your staff needs some better knowledge in Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook), check in and enjoy the easier flow of business. 


Does your system need to communicate with your customers?  Let's make sure everyone is getting the info they need.